Rack N Ride MX Carrier


We have stock avail for freight USA wide from our Denver CO warehouse.

Happy to answer any questions, fitment, delivery, quality etc.


5 Year Structural Warranty and Designed for serious off road use.

Our MX Carrier is specifically designed for MX and Enduro bikes with a 21” front (easily adjusts for 17″ & 19″ fronts).

There is no better way to transport your bike.

Once you pull a bike down 1.5″ to 2″ by the pegs / frame you’ll never use tie downs again.

Bike is super secure and it doesn’t compress your forks, will not even hold a fork saver in place.

Dropping your front wheel in a hole and yanking your bike down with tie downs is cave man stuff.

Carrier is supplied with everything needed to use it, Snap Hooks, Turnbuckles, Shackles, Loading Ramp, Anti Tilt Bracket, Shim Plates, Strap to stop Turnbuckles vibrating loose.

Included LED light kit includes a licence plate light plus a place to bolt an accessory plate where it shines.

    Standard length fits 95% of vehicles.

    Jeeps with spare tire on rear will need a longer bar.

    See fitment details at bottom of page or email for more info.

    Standard 50" Steel ramp is included, measure out 50" from top of your tow bar to check loading angle.




We’ll update this video to the US version, this is our Australian version Rack N Roll Carrier

Here are the specs on our 100% Australian Made Motorcycle Carrier:

Bike Channel (Available in Orange or Black) is made from 3mm BlueScope Galvabond steel plate, Precision Laser cut then CNC Press Brake folded.

The main support bar is 50x5mm (2″ x 13/64″ wall ) Orrcon Australian Tube Mills SHS with 4mm Bluescope Steel Precision Laser cut plates; 415v Gas Metal Arc Welded.

Hobson Engineering bolts used throughout.

The 50x5mm (2″ x 13/64″ wall ) Main Support Bar slides into any 50mm ( 2″ ) style hitch receiver, 330lbs minimum tow ball capacity required.



Includes licence plate light but no plug, 4 core cable.

Feel free to call or email to discuss any fitment issues or carrier options.

FITMENT INFO re Main Bar Length:

On the standard main bar your bikes inside peg is 9″ from center hitch pin hole.

If the outside of your spare is 12″ from pin hole minus 9″ = 3″, with a 4″ longer main bar you’ll have 1″ of clearance etc.