COMING SOON RACK N RIDE Scooter & Mid Size Sport Bikes


NOT YET AVAILABLE ex Los Angeles Warehouse

This model arriving LA warehouse in 3-4 months.

We have in stock in Australia and available for Air Freight only at the moment, 5-6 day delivery.

100% Australian Made Product !

This carrier is designed to carry any SCOOTER / MOPED / POSTIE BIKE / SPORT BIKES 250-400cc / NAKED’s / Retro Bikes.

Made especially for low clearance bikes, curved aluminium loading ramp, LED bracket swivels down for loading/unloading.

Has adjustable tyre slides that lock onto your front tyre holding bike upright while you secure.

Tie down bars front and rear, alloy loading ramp stores inside carrier.

Carrier can be offset for Mopeds/Scooters or centered for Road bikes.

Black outer bike channel is 2mm Bluescope Galvabond plate, Orange inner bike channel is 100x50x3 Ullrich Aluminium.

Hobson Engineering bolts used to assemble.

This carrier super strong but still light enough to easily handle for fitting to your vehicle.


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I get a lot of inquiries as to why the Scooter Carrier is double the cost of the MX Carrier.

There are 5 pieces in a MX Carrier and 13 pieces in a Scooter Carrier.

The Scooter Carrier cost us over double in material plus is a lot more labour intensive.

We produce a MX Carrier ready to ship in 21 minutes whereas the Scooter Carrier takes 3 hours.

This Carrier is a bit of money but it is a high quality product.


On ordering there is a “NOTES” section as you go through to check out, let me know the vehicle and bike, if I think there’s any issues I’ll contact you.

Otherwise call to discuss Leeroy 0402 669686.

The standard fitment has the center of the bike channel 500mm from the center of the hitch pin hole, longer lengths available no problem.


With this carrier high lift bars are mainly for Motorhomes with a lot of overhang to avoid dragging out of driveways etc.

From experience 100-150 lift is enough, being an older market most have found 150/200 lifts too hard to load the bike.

It’s also stronger as it’s braced with 4mm Bluescope plate each side of joints (see High Lift Bar product for pics).

100 is 100 clear lift so the vertical tube is 150 long being as its 50mm section.